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Rickie Millar Allen

Profile Updated: February 16, 2021
Rickie Millar
Rickie Millar


Rickie Millar


Yes! Attending Reunion
Class Year:
City and ST:
Athens, AL USA
William Allen
Joel born 1972, Jeff born 1976, Crystal born 1988, Rachael born 1988 and Jessica born 1989
Military Service:
Army National Guard  
Biography / Comments:

After high school I had my boys Once they were in school I went to Jr.college got a degree. I had tried the military but got sick and received an honorable discharge. Later found out it was from a kidney disease that I was born with. Managed to work around my illness and had 3 more girls. Moved to North AL. Have never really liked living here instead of Montgomery. Got all my kids graduated and 2 joined the military. One has already put in his years and showing how old I am, dang, I found I'm the mother of a retired person!! I'm really ticked at him for making me SO OLD!! LOL! I'm a great grandmother of one and I have 7 grandkids. And through it all, I SURVIVED!!! My oldest grandson graduated and has been at Huntington College in Montgomery, AL since August 2019. He’s on the football team and is hoping to get his degree in history to return home to teach and coach football at West Limestone his Alma Mater. Life has been good and I hope and pray it’s been good for the rest of my poet friends!!

School Stories:

I remember the football games the most!! Nothing beat Friday nights! The game, the marching bands!! I had to go to all the games for my girls since they were cheerleaders, but it never matched our games!! I remember the night our team beat JD in the last 8 seconds making it 24-23!! It was GREAT! On the way home Randy Culpepper had the school flag hanging out the car window. In JD territory passing Hardee's we got slammed by about 3 drinks! The fight was on!! But it was all in good fun!