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Dear Fellow Lanier Alums,

We are two Lanier alums from the Class of 1958 who hope that the Montgomery Board of Education will vote to retain the name Sidney Lanier for the high school, which has borne that name since its founding in the 1920s, but which name has been voted to be dropped, along with the names of Davis and Lee from those schools.  The Board has a website where it solicits replacement names.  It is willing to consider re-naming our school Sidney Lanier.   We urge you to go to the Board’s website and write in Sidney Lanier as your vote/suggestion for the replacement name for our school.

Go online to  MPS.K12.AL.US     On the left, the third green link is “MPS School Name Change Suggestion Form.”  Click on that link to get to the place where you indicate your suggestion.

Many thanks,

Richard H. Gill & Roman L. Weil

[Both Lanier, Class of 1958] 


MPS School Name Change
Suggestion Form

Suggesting the new name of

will be allowed.
Click on this message will you directly to the form!

The Submission Deadline is May 21


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Dear Lanier, though fleeting time
May bear us far away from thee
Forever in thy hallowed halls
Each heart will dwell in loyalty.
Faithful to the blue and white We will be.
And before thy shrine of knowledge
We will kneel to thee

Alma Mater, thy standard waves
Triumphant through each passing year;
We love thy spirit, true and brave,
Thy courage through each threatening fear,
We will hold when we began our lives anew,
Memories of the sheltering walls,
And of thy friendships true.

Georgia Wagner Morgan - Music 1928
Louise Shepherd Fleming - Words 1928

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