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Sondra Cunningham

Profile Updated: December 11, 2018
Sondra Cunningham
Class Year:
City and ST:
Montgomery, AL USA
Contract Management, Financial Services, Business Owner
Deonte', born 1993
Kione, born 1995
Zakiyah, born 1997
Taja, born 2000
Karson, grandson, More…born 2014
Harmoni, granddaughter, born 2018
Military Service:
Air Force National Guard
Yes! Attending Reunion
Biography / Comments:

WORKING - Being a mom; theater production stage, hospitality, and support staff management; Teacher-contemporary praise dance and mime; Writing, financial services/education, business owner....stay tuned! Oh, and did I say being a mom?!

School Stories:

Drill Team trips.....EPIC!!!

Thursday Chicken Day!

Cinnamon Rolls...the Store!

Getting out of class - "I need to go to the ROTC office. Sgt. Major Baines looked like he needed me when I saw him."

Roaming the halls - Teacher: "Where do you suppose to be?" Me: I'm going to the ROTC office. (never made it though, lol)

Mr. Garrigan Human Anatomy class - the best hang out and learn something spot.

Ms. Wimberly English - 3-Words, Bud - Weis - Er! (still laughing @ Quincy Jones, Amy Green, and Amy Blackshear).

Mr. Terry's class - Did anybody ever know what he was talking about??

Summer school - a bowl of cereal w/ Lastella Paradise EVERY MORNING!

Miami Hurricanes, 2 pair of socks color swapped, Duck Head shorts and Air brushed shirts, and Filas.

C/O '95 was So Funkdafied!!!