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Mike Jackson

Profile Updated: January 1, 2011
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Class Year:
City and ST:
Houston, TX USA
Phyllis McLeod Jackson
William Blake, Texas Aggie Architect
Jeffrey Craig, Texas Longhorn AttorneyLance Kendall, Texas More…Aggie Engineer
Brett Hanley, Texas Aggie Engineer
Yes! Attending Reunion
Biography / Comments:

Graduated Auburn 1974. Moved to Texas. Been here ever since. Worked mainly in oil/gas/chemical industry for major professional services contractors: Fluor (22 years), Bechtel (14 years), now CB&I (1 year). Worked all over the word over my 36 years since graduation: Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Thailand, Trinidad, Argentina, Canada, Mexico, several European countries, while always maintaining a home in Houston. Enjoy genealogical research and family history website maintenance. Gun collector, now owning at last count well over 200 beautiful artistic specimens, many antique.

School Stories:

Still trying to find out who egged my beautifil 1963 Dodge Slant 6 that frigid night at Lanier when out of town on a basketball trip .... anybody know? (Early next morning the eggs peeled off easily ... no harm done.) Seriously, Those were turbulent years in American history. 1968 was truly a Crack in Time, with the M.L. King and Robert Kennedy assasinations, Tet Offensive, and Viet Nam protests getting into full swing. Can you believe summers in Lanier with no AC? Two football State Championships in "our" three-year watch. The Forest Gump sound track brings back so many youthful memories.