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In Memory Of Our Poets

Bolling Hall Holt III (-2009) - Class Of 1968

Holt, Bolling Hall, III, Age 58 died Friday, May 22, 2009.  He was a lifelong resident of Montgomery and a 1972 graduate of Huntingdon College with a BA in biology. 

Bolling's passions were his children, family, guns, hunting, and he was an avid car and motorcycle enthusiast.  He was a gregarious, loving man, excited by life, and always ready to help anyone in need.  He was active in many civic organizations. 

Bolling is a great-grandson of Dr. Samuel Doak Holt who was the first elected mayor of Montgomery.  He was preceded in death by his father, Bolling Hall Holt, Jr., and mother, Faye Hinton Holt.  He is survived by his wife Thea; son Bolling Hall Holt IV; daughter Brady Holt; brother, Gary Hinton Holt and sister Alda Holt Sileo. 

Pallbearers will be Dr. Samuel D. Collier, Daniel Ray Lewis, Dennis Lewis, Dr. William Joseph Mitchell, Dr. J. Thomas Sanders and Jody R. Thompson. 

Graveside services will be held Tuesday, May 26, 2009 at 11:00am in Greenwood Cemetery with visitation one hour prior at Leak-Memory Chapel. 

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to Saint James School.

Information found at http://boholt.com/dadobituary.htm. Go to this site to view photos.

Homily for Bolling Holt 5/26/09
Dr. Catherine H. Collier

“I am the good shepherd. I know my own and my own know me.”  Today we gather to remember a man who loved all of us.  In the past two weeks we have all reminisced about our favorite memories of Bolling.  He never made a big deal of himself - but he sure made a big deal out of everyone he came in contact with.  There could be no more enthusiastic, loyal, or more available man than Bolling.

When you think about Bolling what do you see?

Bolling was never more joyful than when he was in conversation with others.  He was an outgoing man who really loved people.  He talked to everyone.  He was the kind of person who would call you just to see how you were doing.  He would call and tell you there was a great race on television.  He would call you when you were on the road and tell you to “be safe”.  He would check in with you when he was out running errands to see if there was anything he could bring you.

When you think about Bolling what do you see?

Do you see that childlike enthusiasm?  He could get more excited about trying to fix an old motorcycle or a car  - and even more excited when you successfully fixed a motorcycle or a car.  Can you see him driving around town in the “Uranus Cruiser” – his home built go-cart?  You have to have pretty good self-esteem to do things like that!

His whole world lit up when he got a call from Brady or Bo – he just lit up – he would be that excited.  He loved his family – every one of you – and he loved you constantly and faithfully….and he took good care of you….

What about his loyalty?  Do you know anyone that was as consistently loyal?  He would be “Johnny on the spot” to help out on a regular basis and in any kind of dilemma that you might find yourself in.

When you think about Bolling what do you see?

Do you see how available he was to you?  Where did he find the time to be always present?  To do the little things with you – check in – have lunch – run by your house – hang out at the Phoenix foundation?  Seems like he was always around right when you needed him.  I know you we all miss that presence and sense of availability that he gifted us with.

I think Bolling understood that it is hard to love perfectly.  This is the way we are – we do love each other – just not perfectly.  We are made to be loved.  We want to be able to love more than anything in the world.  But we never learn to love or be loved perfectly.  That’s not our job.  Today we see that incompleteness – that unfinished business.  Today God shows us our incompleteness.  Our work is finished – and now it is up to God – to love Bolling perfectly.  God will complete what we have begun.  Perfect love will be given.  Jesus has shown us in the cross and resurrection, that God’s love will perfect us.  Until then it is up to us – to carry on relationships – to attempt to love and care for others.

When you think about Bolling what do you see?

I see a man with a servant’s heart who was steadfast in love, who was enthusiastic and joyful, and loyal, and always available.  We will miss him and mourn him and celebrate his life.  We await the day when we can depart and be with the Lord.

When we thing about Bolling what do we see?

Yes – you know…..you see the love…..you see the love…….