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In Memory Of Our Poets

Zelda Sayre (Fitzgerald) (1900-1948) - Class Of 1918

Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald


1900 - 1948
Author, ballerina, and painter, Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald is considered and assessed as a woman of exceptional energy and ability.Her novel, Save Me the Waltz, is described as "the deeply felt and carefully crafted expression of a creative, independent spirit." Born in Montgomery, Alabama, Zelda attended The Margaret Booth School and Sidney Lanier High School.

In the summer of 1918, at a dance at the Montgomery Country Club, she met Army Lieutenant, F. Scott Fitzgerald. Following a stormy courtship of nearly two years, Zelda married him after the publication of his first novel. Their only child, Scottie, was born in October, 1921.Several magazines published works by Zelda. "Friend Husband's Latest" appeared in New York Tribune, April 1922. "Miss Ella" (December 1931) and "A Couple of Nuts" (August 1932) were published by Scribner's Magazine. "Eulogy on the Flapper" was published by Metropolitan Magazine in June 1922 and "The Continental Angel" was published by The New Yorker in June 1932.

In Paris, at the age of 27, Zelda began to study ballet under Madame Lubov Egorova. Because of hard work and sheer determination, she made progress. Ultimately, however, Zelda realized she was starting the pursuit of ballet too late.

Her paintings, though difficult to date precisely, are primarily from the 1930's and 1940's. She painted dancers, city scenes, fantasies, flowers, and religious subjects. These works were exhibited in 1934 at the New York Gallery of Carey Ross and in 1974 at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. During her lifetime there were also smaller, informal showings in Ashville and Montgomery.


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Fitzgerald Chronology

Zelda Sayre and Francis Scott Fitzgerald

~Fall 1914

~~FSF contributes to Princeton Tiger.
~~Zelda Sayre enters Sidney Lanier High School.
~December 1914
~~Production of Fie! Fie! Fi-Fi!
~~FSF’s first Princeton Triangle Club show.
~4 January 1915
~~FSF meets Ginevra King in St. Paul.
~~his first serious romantic interest
~April 1915
~~“Shadow Laurels,” a play, is FSF’s first publication in Nassau Literary Magazine.
~June 1915
~~FSF’s “The Ordeal” is his first story published in Nassau Literary Magazine.
~~Later thoroughly revised as “Benediction,”
~28 November 1915
~~FSF drops out of Princeton for remainder of junior year.
~December 1915
~~Production by Triangle Club of  "The Evil Eye"
~~FSF wrote the lyrics.
~September 1916
~~FSF returns to Princeton as member of Class of 1918.
~December 1916
~~Production of Triangle Club of "Safety First"
~~FSF wrote the lyrics.
~26 October 1917
~~FSF receives commission as an Infantry 2nd Lieutenant.
~20 November 1917
~~FSF reports to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
~~begins novel “The Romantic Egotist.”
~1918 End of February
~~FSF completes first draft of “The Romantic Egotist”
~~on leave at Princeton
~~submits novel to Scribners.
~15 March 1918
~~FSF reports to Camp Taylor, Louisville, Kentucky.
~April 1918
~~FSF transferred to Camp Gordon, Georgia.
~May 1918
~~Zelda Sayre  graduates from Sidney Lanier High School.