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Checked Your 'Notify Me' Options Lately?

Recently, I have received complaints about an increase in emails from our site. The site generates two emails per year to each active member. All other notifications you receive can be controlled by you with the 'Notify Me' option

How do you change these options? Click on the 'Human Icon in the top right corner of this page. Click on 'Notify Me' and you will be presented with a long page of options. Select the notifications you want to receive by clicking the circle next to your choice. This is a long page, make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page. If you've never set these options you may receive notifications from more than 25,000 profiles or activities.

As I am not the programmer of this site, I do not control new enhancements or program changes. Class Creator does. Several improvements have been made to the site in the few months. I will diligently work with Class Creator to limit impacting changes, but ultimately it is their decision. This situation will continue until April 2019. By then you will have options and another site to use if you desire.

Now, please review your 'Notify Me' selections now!

Best Regards,
Stan Robinson - SLHS Site Administrator



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Dear Lanier, though fleeting time
May bear us far away from thee
Forever in thy hallowed halls
Each heart will dwell in loyalty.
Faithful to the blue and white We will be.
And before thy shrine of knowledge
We will kneel to thee

Alma Mater, thy standard waves
Triumphant through each passing year;
We love thy spirit, true and brave,
Thy courage through each threatening fear,
We will hold when we began our lives anew,
Memories of the sheltering walls,
And of thy friendships true.

Georgia Wagner Morgan - Music 1928
Louise Shepherd Fleming - Words 1928


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•   Douglas F. Russell (1968)  5/27
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•   Barbara A. Stier (Shell) (1956)  5/28
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•   Joseph "Joe" Ellison Graham, Jr. (1962)  5/29
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•   Melinda Milligan (Noble) (1966)  5/29
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