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In Memory Of Our Poets

Miss Eva Warr (Social Studies 1963 -1968)

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10/21/10 03:12 PM #1    

Pam Cory (1969)

Miss Warr was one of those teachers that you do not forget. She was my history teacher in the 11th grade at Lanier High School in Montgomery, AL.  I loved and respected her but at the same time was a little afraid of her.  I've never had another teacher that made the subject matter come alive quite like she did.  She was one of a kind and I miss her.

06/07/16 11:18 AM #2    

Robert Prescott (1968)

Miss Warr was a great history teacher, but tough. One did not want to get on her wrong side. I remember we had a student teacher who was not quite sure of himself, he may have been afraid of Miss Warr as well. She came into the classroom one day, and announced she had received a phone call from a principal where this student-teacher had applied for a job. This principal asked if he had trouble controlling the classroom, and Miss Warr replied "we don’t have that problem in my classes" which was so true. 

11/08/18 10:30 AM #3    

Mary Victoria Stafford (Witte) (1965)

Miss Warr was one of my favorite teachers at Lanier.  She did run a tight ship and you didn't mess around with her but that was all to my liking.  I think structure and order in the classroom set the stage for and make possible learning and is something that seems to be lacking in many classrooms today. 

Her technique of required reading one night and questions concerning that reading the next day was extremely helpful to me on two fronts.  You could take as many notes as you wanted on the reading for use the next day but the when the questioning began  your notes or memory was all that you had access to. At that time I was having difficulty with my typing class and so began typing out my notes for history and thereby getting a lot of good practice for the typing class.  Not only that my note taking helped me learn to pick out the main points and useful details in the reading which was a great help when I went on to college work.


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